3. Yoga Lifestyle

Habit 5 – Let’s get Munching on More Plants


This is usually a fairly simple habit for Yogis – eating a plant-based diet or eating more of a plant-based diet than not. It’s not about being or going vegetarian, the pros or cons on that. It’s more about how much variety can you add to your diet?

Are you eating locally sourced items?

Are you including edible weeds?

Are you spending time in your veggie patch or herb garden?

Are you finding new inspiring recipes that are more seasonally aligned?

There are so many ways we can look at this habit of increasing our plant based diet.

This past season I’ve spent a little time exploring adding fresh moringa leaves into my smoothie…

What is your next step in this direction?

If you’re keen to join a group of Yogis on a Year-long adventure where we learn more about plant-based eating then be sure to book a chat with Nina and find out if you’re a good fit for the group. If you’re inspired, motivated and looking for lasting change (in the right direction) then you’re definitely in the right place!