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Warm Welcome to YogaBox to the Yoga Awakening Africa Family


We are thrilled to welcome Catherine Ronaasen’s brilliant YogaBox online shop to the YAA family! Each month is themed and you can order one of two sized boxes as a gift for someone or just to treat yourself because it’s all about the Yoga love!

Past Yogabox items included a yoga scarf, a prayer-bead-inspired necklace, and a crystal (rose quartz).

Other boxes included a yoga towel and a matching water bottle. Included was a bath-bomb for those tired muscles, a wine-tasting voucher as a treat, and some mindful colouring-in items. Also included was a beautiful decoration made by a job-creation organisation, Streetwires.

Keep your eyes peeled in cyberspace or subscribe to Yogabox’s newsletter to find out what the next monthly theme will be.

To find out more visit : YogaBox