3. Yoga Lifestyle

Habit 3 – Start the Day Right


Yes, you guessed it, the next habit is starting the day right.

This is such an easy one, yet so elusive and so difficult to get right if the previous day has been a little undesirable.

I can always tell in the morning if my yesterday was a good one, or if it was a little bit more on the poor side.

What ever happens, when I awake I start with a little gratitude practice, simple easy and it just puts my mind in a positive state first thing in the morning.

Step 2. I hydrate

Step 3. I eliminate

Three simple, easy steps… But sometime if I’ve had a poor yesterday, I’ll notice that my bowels are a little sluggish in the morning and that it takes a little more water to hydrate so that I can eliminate.

If you have grown up being constipated or are currently struggling with constipation, you’ll want to get this sorted. There is nothing worse than going through a day with having that heavy sluggish feeling.

It is amazing when you can start every morning feeling light, spacious and free.

This isn’t a difficult habit, but getting it right consistently takes time, it takes effort and it takes commitment. If you’re needing a little support and group motivation to help you along. You’ll want to find out more about my annual program – Shifting from Chaos or Rhythm.

This is where we go on a year long journey with working towards automating these 10 habits so that we can feel radiant, joyful and vital.

Why do you want to feel like?

Well I want to feel like this so that I can feel more connected to my family, my friends and my work. I want to be able to give the best of myself with the work I do. If you’re a Yogi and you would like more energy and to have a more positive impact on those in your life, then schedule a chat with me to find out if my annual program is right for you.