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Habit 2: Early to Bed with Nina Saacks


The second habit we look at in the course is EARLY TO BED.

This is not always easy to do or follow especially in the culture we live in, where staying up late into the night is seen as normal and productive.

Early to bed is one of my all time favourite habits. Now living on a farm, being up early and going to bed early is totally normal. I love it, I feel more energized and more productive as well.

I always felt like a bit of a misfit growing up as my natural urge to head to bed has always been around 9pm. That’s when I naturally get tired and feel a deep sense of fatigue kick in which was very different to my night owl class mates at university who would happily stay up late into the night finishing off essays and homework. It never worked for me.

Now that I have started honouring my deep fatigue, making sure I enjoy a slow evening wind down and snuggle into bed when I feel the time is right I manage to get a good nights sleep in. Are you managing to do this yet?

I have also learned that sometimes I am exhausted (especially if there’ve been a few nights in a row with evening disturbances, like Carter barking, the monkeys jumping on the roof, alarms going off, phone ringing, waking up with creative ideas etc… you know the story!). When I feel that I am struggling a little (i.e. when Craig tells me I’m getting moody) or I notice that I am short and snappy with everyone, I go straight to looking at what my sleep patterns have been like and I give myself more time to rest, sleep and recover.

I’ve noticed that the more I do this, the less I actually need to do it! Which is so strange, but amazing as well. It’s like my cup fills up again fully so much more quickly.

I know that for most people, SLEEP is a MASSIVE challenge. If it’s a big challenge for you, you’ll want to check out my FREE SLEEP workshop by clicking this link.

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