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Habit 1: Exploring an Earlier, Lighter Dinner with Nina Saacks


I am so excited to be sharing my Yoga Health Coaching Journey with you.

Currently I am part of the Yoga Healer Body Thrive group as well as training to become a Yoga Health Coach through Cate Stillman’s work. I am loving it!

I have gained so much insight into the super basic principles of Ayurveda and how to start implementing them with ease.

It’s so funny I thought I knew so much (which I actually do or did anyway) what I realized I struggled with was implementing the knowledge. This course has given me so much insight and clarity into how to do it, given me the accountability and the inspiration to keep going. I really hope you join me on my journey so that I can share everything I’ve learnt, am still learning and implementing in a fun and easy manner.

The first Habit we look at in our program is the idea of an Earlier, Lighter Dinner. This was something I never grew up doing and it has only recently started shifting for me.

I was always the child who at 5pm would need a snack, I was hungry, I was moody, grumpy and a right-old terror to my brothers! I would snack on fruit and biscuits, anything that was around. I remember being in the kitchen while my mom would prepare dinner and sneak carrot sticks and when I was old enough, lift lids and constantly be testing and tasting food. Then when supper time came at 7pm, I wasn’t hungry any more. I was tired, lethargic and just wanted to slump in front of the TV, let alone finish off homework or any assignments.

In addition, going out for dinners was quite stressful as well. It’s been a joke around the family that Nina’s can’t stay awake past 9pm… If we would be out at a restaurant later than 8:30pm, my eyes would get heavy, I would start to fade and again become a nightmare to be around. Now I have new ways of navigating family dinners and I will admit that I am much more pleasant to be around in the evenings when we get to spend quality time together.

If you’re looking for ways to implement the habit of an earlier, lighter dinner start with having a bigger lunch. That’s working wonders for me.

In addition, if you’re needing to find out why, then check out my SLEEP workshop where I explain the Ayurveda Clock and why eating the main meal around midday is so important.

For those who are ready to venture into a year-long program to implement long-lasting positive and effective change can do so by joining my PILOT program starting in November 2021.

This is the first and only time this program will be offered at half price. So if you’re serious about wanting to implement change, wanting to get healthier, build more energy and live to your full potential then be sure to set up an appointment with me to chat and to find out more about the program, if this is really the right option for you and if this is the right time to join.

I look forward to connecting with you!