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Made it into Woman & Home Magazine


Yip, check us out… Here we are… our very own Luxury Nourish & Restore Yoga Houseboat Retreats being featured in the latest issue of Woman & Home :)

How did we do it you ask? Well…

Here’s a secret, Nicole and me are totally passionate about what we do, we love Yoga, we love body work and we love putting together retreats. So having been inspired on our travels and then throwing out ideas at dinner one evening we came up with this unique concept of Yoga on a Luxury Houseboat. We both LOVED it immediately. And since that dinner and our first brainstorming session we have never looked back! And that’s how you do it! Love what you do, because you will create something amazing that others will want to know more about and FEATURE in their magazine!

Thanks to the wonderful team at Woman & Home for giving us this opportunity to share with the rest of SA what we do. And obviously a big thank you to the amazing Nicolette who joined our very first retreat and did this stunning write up for us!

Super stoked to be featured here!

For more info or to book on our November Retreat click here.

Or email Nicole directly here.


Nina & Nicole